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the valued self

In our last missive, we spoke of the need to be authentic in these plastic times: to be yourself and let your inner light shine. To lead by example. To be humble and real. To be noble and pure.

After all, the function of philosophy is to inspire and keep us motivated, on the right track. I have always believed that the highest good is to be true to the self, not in a vain or narcissistic sense, but in the disciplined sense of knowing who one is and what is right for the self.

But this is easier said than done when all about you, others are crying wolf and being seduced by a false and woke mentality that seeks to turn the world upside down, so we all become thoroughly confused as to which way is up and which down. What is right. And does that concept even make sense anymore in this psychically turbulent world of misinformation and false narrative. As we become more gender free, maybe next is right free. Free from both our inherent rights and the concept of right.

Once upon a time in the not-too-distant past, one could believe the narrative of the mainstream press with a certain dash of cynicism and a small pinch of salt. Now, one can only read in awe and wonder that anyone could either believe or promulgate such nonsense. For once one truly sees ‘the truth’, it is hard not to see the lie everywhere. It is like trying to drive in an intense fog – one must proceed with the utmost caution.

Moreover, one must have some inner sense of intrinsic order or criteria upon which to base one’s own decisions. This is that rare ability to discern value. To discern is not to cast judgement; not to make the rejected less than or wrong – merely to know it is not right or preferrable for the self. If one is at a sumptuous feast or buffet, one must be able to decide what one prefers and not be seduced by the plenty. To eat too much only ruins the experience!

Thus, one must be able to discern value. What is of value to you? What serves you?

This is an entirely personal and subjective evaluation. It is not set in stone, and neither is it the same for everyone. We all have our own preferences and choices. It is the ability to know and determine what one’s own preferences are that is the fount of personal wisdom. What works for me?

When I wrote The Art of Nourishment, I said that we each had to determine our own diet; the one that was right for us, for our body and our biology not according to some external diet or fad but arrived at by introspection and listening to our own body.

So too, we can only discern value if we become the valued self. If we value who we are as a divine and authentic being. What is right for me may not be right for you and vice versa. I cannot base my opinions, beliefs, attitudes and decisions on the narrative of the day, especially in times when that narrative is being carefully crafted to lead us over the cliff like so many obliging lemmings.

I need to learn to think for myself. I need to value and honour my own discernment. I need to be true to myself. This is the foundation of strong character and righteous behaviour.

Financial repression and inflation are merely the outer symptoms of a society where intrinsic value is being slowly eroded by false values and nonsensical beliefs. Where it is no longer acceptable to have or to voice your own opinion. Where if you dare to differ, you will face the wrath of the cancel culture: the thought police. And anyone who goes shopping regularly knows inflation is much higher than 3 or 4%. Try 10!

Yet, is not the foundation of democracy and freedom this ability to differ, to dialogue, to debate and to respect that opinion that differs from mine? Is not the principle of inclusivity, upon which the whole woke ideology is based, that assertion that our differences are divine? That we are all to be accepted, unconditionally, just as we are, without shame or judgement but with celebration and love? Is this not the real basis of gay pride?

But if I hold a different opinion to that accepted narrative, I am rejected, made wrong, judged and indeed, even cancelled from the prevailing calendar even though I may have devoted my life to becoming a respected professional and authority in that field of endeavour. Censorship and surveillance have become pernicious and all-pervading via the algorithmic rule of the digital world to ensure we all tow the party line. Bigotry and bias are as prevalent as ever. It just now takes a different form not according to our skin colour, sexual bias or class but according to our opinions and beliefs. The thought police now rule the internet.

To honour and value your own independence, sovereignty and authenticity is the only way to discern value, to make moral judgements and to determine one’s own destiny. Don’t be misled or cowered into passive compliance.

Be bold! Be adventurous! Be a rebel!

Think for yourself. This is the true essence of pride and dignity – not dancing in the streets.

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