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The Temple of Understanding
Volume II

In this intriguing sequel to Personal Sovereignty, Adrian Emery, author, philosopher and mentor, takes this all-important discussion a step further. In book I of this trilogy, we learnt how to become masters of our own destiny by making those sovereign decisions that are in our best interest.

Decisions determine destiny.

Yet, once we have decided upon our personal life journey, we need to know how to get to our chosen destination. This requires that ability to live one’s life successfully and to become a master of manifestation in the here and now.

We need to learn how to flow with the all-powerful currents of the universe – the Infinite Tao. We all want to live in the flow. Yet it seems so elusive!

In this book, you will learn how to:


  • live in the ‘zone of flow’, optimising life’s potential

  • master the mechanics and metaphysics of flow

  • discover your sole soul purpose for this lifetime

  • ride the wave of your destiny to success and happiness

  • align the 3 essential forces of fate, destiny and daily life

  • become a master practitioner of TaoTuning – to surf the cosmic waves

  • lead a meaningful and fulfilling life filled with joy, wonder and ease.

We all want to go with the flow, to experience that ease and simplicity that comes from giving up resistance and vaingloriously trying to swim upstream. But how exactly do we do this? Why are we so resistant? Why are our lives filled with friction, tension and conflict?

Learn the secret and simplicity of just being yourself and allowing the universe and your inner compass to be your guide. Once they work together, in harmony, your life will never be the same. You will live the life of your dreams and your dreams will become your daily reality. There will be no more inner opposition! You will enter the zone of flow. You will live fully and consciously, truly enjoying your creation.

Publishing date: 17 September 2024

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