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Personal Sovereignty
Volume I

Book cover of Personal Sovereignity

In this ground-breaking and thought-provoking work, Adrian Emery, author of The Art of Nourishment, reinterprets the historical journey of humanity arguing that we stand at the cusp of a totally new cycle in our evolutionary path that will be ushered in by a profound leap in human consciousness. This leap will require a deep revolution in our collective psyche to overcome an all-encompassing and pervasive misunderstanding of who we are, why we exist, where we have come from and where we are going. This misunderstanding separates us from the divine flow of life causing blockage and limitation of our energy and personal power.

Humanity stands at the crossroads and must choose a new path. If we do not change, fundamentally at our core, we are an extinct species. We are at war with ourselves, with each other and with the planet on which we live – our only home.

In Personal Sovereignty, Emery challenges us to begin to take personal responsibility for our lives taking back our power from the collective forces of mass and social media. In order to survive we need to change, and this change requires a massive transformation in our conscious awareness of who we are and the impact of our behaviour on our own survival and that of the planet. This transformation begins with the taking of personal responsibility.

Discover the 7 Principles for overcoming the destructive influence of the negative ego via this profound quantum shift in consciousness that leads to:

  • overcoming self-doubt & anxiety

  • unconditional self-love & acceptance

  • dealing with the pernicious feeling of not being good enough

  • discovering your own ikigai or purpose for being

  • moving from destructive co-dependency to joyous co-creativity

  • the correct exercise of personal power & functioning with dominion

  • experiencing the wonder and inner peace of sovereign love.

Personal Sovereignty is the journey to this self-awareness, to this responsibility and to this freedom. For without responsibility there can be no freedom. Personal Sovereignty is a roadmap to find our way back to a harmony, a peace and a prosperity that is aligned with the Principles of Life and not in conflict with the natural order of the universe.


What’s the point of being at the top of the evolutionary tree if you are wildly chain-sawing it at the bottom?

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