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Work with Adrian

Sessions can be in person in retreat in the beautiful Blue Mountains, in your home or workplace (in Sydney) or on-line via zoom.

All initial sessions are via zoom.

Executive Mentoring

Personal Counselling

Corporate Culture Consultancy

Spiritual Life Coach

Relationship Rekindling

Spiritual Attunement

Philosophy & purpos

Work philosophy & purpose

We can use the analogy of wheel alignment on your car. It does not matter where you are going, if your wheels are out of alignment, there is a waste of energy, resistance, a constant pulling you off your path causing fatigue and friction.

If you do not know your purpose, if you do not know if you are being authentic and congruent, it is hard to live in peace, in harmony, in joy. It is almost impossible to be truly successful.

Your purpose is to be yourself; to contribute your unique voice to the cosmic gig-saw-puzzle. Your piece is extremely valuable and essential to the larger picture. No individual piece is any more or less important. It is essential to express your inner truth honestly, valiantly and courageously.

TaoTuning allows you to find that destiny, to heed your truth, to become your own master.

I have dedicated my life to learning and understanding the cosmic principles of Life.

I believe there is a Universal Law that regulates and guides all of the manifest universe.

As we harmonise with and follow these laws and principles, our lives work.

As we attune to these greater and deeper currents of life, we put our fate on a firm footing:

we prosper and thrive in an abundant universe.

We are at-one-with the Tao.


When you are yourself, you are authentic!

You can only create and manifest from the present.

If you are not present, you are in ego – either the past or the future.

Now is the moment of your being.


In every moment there is a choice between 

being conscious or unconscious,

being present or absent,

being central and correct or distracted and off-balance,

being in your ‘powah’ or in absentia.


We all need guidance; we all need clarity;

we all need someone to bounce off. 

We all need coaching and mentoring to achieve our goals.

We all need advice along the way.


Sagely wisdom does not tell you what to do,

but it does listen carefully to you,

and facilitate

the full and clear expression 

of your own inner voice.


Sagely wisdom assists you

to understand yourself and

discover your essential truth:

to be true to yourself.


Sagely wisdom is that dear, close friend,

who does not interfere but guides you

to your own revelation of your inner being and truth.


We all have a path; we all have a purpose.

Putting that path and that purpose together harmoniously

not only makes your life successful,

it also makes it a wondrous journey of 

the joy of self-expression. 


I call this process TaoTuning:

a personal process of spiritual attunement

to align your outer daily life with your inner spiritual destiny.

Adrian073 copy_edited_edited.jpg

Depending on your life circumstances and personal situation this attunement can be personal and spiritual, within the context of an on-going meaningful relationship or in the corporate world of business.


The cosmic principles of life are universal and work in each and every arena of your life.

  • Sessions can be in person in retreat in the beautiful Blue Mountains, in your home or workplace (in Sydney) or on-line via zoom. All initial sessions are via zoom.

  • Your investment in your future prosperity and well-being is $125 per hour.

  • An average session lasts 2 and a half hours for $300.

  • Corporate team building and culture consultancy are on an individual basis.

  • The cost is fully guaranteed to deliver clarity and focus to your life situation. If you do not feel you have gained any benefit from the session your money will be fully refunded – no questions asked.


Prices & locactions

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