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Photograph of philosopher Adrian Emery

About Adrian

being true to yourself is the highest good

A modern philosopher

Author, entrepreneur, business owner, environmentalist & keen gardener. Adrian Emery has devoted his life to creating a new philosophy called LifeWorks based on understanding the laws, principles & codes that make life work easily, effortlessly & successfully. Life is a gift & we are here to enjoy life & be successful: it is our birthright.

Adrian founded & developed several hugely successful health/vegetarian cafes & restaurants along the Eastern seaboard of Australia during the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, eventually publishing The Art of Nourishment in 1995 which encapsulated the ideas, philosophy & recipes developed over that period heralding the concept of cooking with love.

In 2001, he became a management consultant specialising in executive mentoring teaching others how to build businesses based on spiritual principles & harmonious team structures. His fundamental premise is that a happy employee is a productive employee & that culture precedes performance.

In 2010 Adrian was awarded the CSIA Customer Service CEO of the Year for bringing customer service excellence to the strata industry where he co-built a multi-million-dollar national company with 11 offices & over 180 employees.

Adrian is also a gifted personal counsellor & accountability coach, having developed a coaching modality called TaoTuning designed to assist others to find their life purpose or ikigai & attune to the flow of their inner destiny & fate, establishing their life on the firm foundation of cosmic principles.

Adrian has now retired to Sennikatan, a spectacular garden built over the last 50 years to demonstrate we can regenerate the Earth, to write & prepare others for the coming planetary transition to a new world. With his partner, Marianne, he has also created rusticspirit as a spiritual retreat for guests to come & experience the stillness.

Adrian has recently published Personal Sovereignty which comprises the first volume in a three part series entitled The Temple of Understanding which argues that humanity has lost its way & suffers from a software virus that is blocking the free flow of cosmic creativity, inner joy & unlimited energy that is our natural state.

About Adrian's work

We live in momentous times. Humanity & the Earth, Gaia, are about to go through the most significant spiritual & evolutionary change in their history. Our current path is unsustainable. We are at war with ourselves, each other & the planet itself, our only home. Humanity has lost its way & needs a complete software rewrite to reorient its true direction. All of Adrian’s works are designed to assist in & prepare for this coming planetary transition.

The wave of change is upon us.

Connect w/ Adrian's work

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Work with Adrian 1:1. Adrian offers mentorship sessions both at his retreat in the Blue Mountains, NSW and via ZOOM for your convience. Adrian is happy to create a tailored mentorship format that fits your unique requirements. Please contact Adrian directly for more information.

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Personal Sovereignty is volume I in a 3 part series titled The Temple of Understanding which argues that humanity exists within an all-encompassing and pervasive misunderstanding of who we are, why we exist, where we have come from and where we are going to. 

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Welcome to rusticspirit on the tranquil side of Sydney’s beautiful Blue Mountains. rusticspirit is a very special and magical retreat – a boutique woodlands sanctuary nestled on the edge of Wollemi National Park. This is also the place where Adrian offers 1:1 mentorship sessions in person.

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