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the residential deflate aka the presidential debate

Democracy ultimately depends upon the ability of a populous to dialogue, to debate and to differ with respect, courtesy and intelligence. I may not agree with you, but democracy demands that I listen respectfully and give you the courtesy to speak your truth.

In TaoTuning, my forthcoming book, (due to be released in September) I argue that opposition is actually a prerequisite for union as it necessitates building a bridge between the apparent irreconcilable opposites. Debating and Socratic dialogue are the finest forms of this process.

It is an evolutionary principle: thesis and antithesis require the finding of a higher resolution incorporating elements of both sides. This is synthesis. This is how evolution and growth occur. This is the basis of the democratic system – this ability to disagree, dialogue and come up with a win-win where both sides see what is best for the common good. Societies work best when the people feel they have been heard and that consensus was reached by genuine listening. This is how true following is achieved with joyous assent not acrimonious violence and control.

The essence of democracy is this ability of the people to be heard and the fact that our leaders and parliament are based upon the concept of for the people by the people; that they are truly listening. It is also based on the fact that there is a willingness for both or all parties to abide by the rules and work to govern wisely and cohesively.

As mentioned in the last newsletter to rule is to serve and to serve selflessly. In any moral society the people must come first. Leaders – the ruling class, which is the elite, the politicians and the bureaucracy – are there to serve the people. That is precisely why they are called the public service.

When was the last time, in your dealing with the ruling class, did you feel you were being served, that you were important?

As contenders for arguably the number one role in this ruling class on planet Earth, therefore, the number one criterion has to be service. Did either contender portray or display a humble attitude of service to the people, to the United States of America and to the world?

Biden lost because he does not possess the mental acuity to govern and does not have control of his emotions particularly anger and hate.

Trump lost because he cannot get past his negative ego to truly put others before self and thus is totally focused on how great he is rather than “what he can do for his country.” On numerous occasions he simply refused to answer specific questions regarding his plans.

The Democratic Party lost because they displayed their contempt for America and their naivety in believing Biden is fit to rule. If they have no better alternative, they deserve to lose the election. Their treatment of RFK Jnr is disgraceful.

America lost because with a population of over 330 million and the supposed greatest empire that has ever existed on planet Earth, their only contenders for their most important job are two geriatrics way past their prime and both unfit to rule and serve.

And the world lost because it is witnessing the now fast and fatal decline of a once proud and powerful people who did build a society that was the envy of the world politically, culturally, economically and morally.

Neither President acknowledged the challenges facing the United States and what concrete policies they would implement to turn this decline around. Neither sold a compelling vision of greatness, service and cooperation healing the wounds of divide and being an example of graciousness, good will and forgiveness. A willingness to let bygones be bygones and realise the impending danger facing American society demands an allegiance of all parties, all participants and all sectors of that society.

What we witnessed was a shameful contest between two alpha males seeking to continue their alpha role within their clan when their time is well and truly over. This contest is as old as life on Earth but has one golden rule: when you lose, it is time to walk away graciously and let another younger, more agile alpha person lead the pack, not posture your weakness embarrassingly causing further division, heartache and danger to your clan. This is not noble leadership but megalomaniac self-interest.

Mr Presidents, it is time to exit the stage gracefully and willingly and let the younger generation take over the helm as is fitting in any great society. Evolution moves on and if we get in its way we will be removed by the force of nature.

Will the land of the bold and the free exert itself on these posturing bullies or meekly submit to the ruling elite once again?

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