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acausal reality

One of, if not the cornerstone of the rationalist paradigm is cause and effect. The scientific method, which is at the heart of the last 5O00 years of western development, necessitates the ability to prove causality by repeating or demonstrating a causal link between two events for them to be connected.

This is the basis of the rationalist world view which has dominated western thought, philosophy, science and culture for the latter part of the last millennium. It is important to realise that prior to this, human life was viewed as being subject and beholden to spiritual or supernatural forces beyond the control of the individual. Individual life was nothing more than a football being kicked between God and the Devil necessitating the intervention of churchmen of whatever persuasion to intervene and intercede on the supplicant’s behalf.

Human beings were pawns in a much larger cosmic game with little personal power or sovereignty. This was the superstitious world of the Dark Ages dominated by the Church and its clergy. Both the clergy and the aristocracy held total control of the masses keeping the world in fear and darkness for personal benefit.

As a reaction to this superstition, hypocrisy and domination, the Reformation, Age of Enlightenment and Rationalist Paradigm were born where the individual could control its own destiny by hard work, education and logic. If one applied the correct measures, the results of success were assured. This heralded in 500 years of immense scientific and technological advancement resulting in massive economic progress and cultural development leading up to the present era of a wealth and prosperity never experienced in human history previously.

We are only now, at the turn of the new millennium, beginning to witness and understand the negative side of this progress. Up until now the mantra of continued economic growth has ruled the empire. Besides the environmental consequences of the exploitation of nature to fuel this unbridled growth, which has now become paramount on the world stage in the form of global warming and earth changes etc., there is also another more important inner psychic shift occurring. That of synchronicity!

Synchronicity is a concept first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung to describe circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack an obvious or overt causal connection. It is important to realise that they only lack a causal connection according to the rationalist paradigm where the scientific method needs to be able to prove that causal connection by repetition.

However, the real meaning of synchronicity and serendipity is that these events are one-off occurrences with meaningful coincidence on a spiritual or subjective basis. By definition, they cannot be repeated nor proved. They are pertinent and meaningful only to the individual and therefore need no logical proof. They can and do only occur in the now.

The greatest casualty of the rationalist era is not environmental destruction but the debasement of inner personal subjective truth. We have all experienced synchronicity and serendipity. We have all experienced gut knowing, déjà vu and premonition. We all have a sixth sense. We all have our dreams, hopes and desires. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

But the left-brain rationalist paradigm denies this reality mainly because of the superstition and false religion of the previous era. Humanity does not want to return to the dark ages of religious humdrum.

One of the fundamental principles of evolution is the dialectic continuum of yin and yang and that things tends to go from one extreme to the other. From the extreme of the dark ages, we went to the extreme of the rationalist era which denied the metaphysical and inner psychic side of human nature. We are now witnessing a return to a more balanced perspective where more and more people are becoming aware of their acausal connections.

As we more consciously enter the zone of flow, where we are integrally connected with the oneness of the universe and the divine flow of reality, synchronicity and serendipity become the norm rather than the exception. This is riding the wave of our own Tao where divine intelligence plays an integral and important role in the development of our lives via the instrument of synchronicity.

As we lose the separation that accompanies the logical, rational mindset, we enter that state of being where all life is one and acausally connected at its source. As we overcome the scepticism and doubt that rule the rationalist paradigm, we are more likely to enter that ‘magical’ world of the child and the mystic where spontaneity takes over and guides our footsteps. Synchronicity is the grace of god!

Life becomes a glorious adventure, not dominated by fear, anxiety and apprehension but filled with wonder, joy and laughter. We are able to enjoy the journey for its own sake. We become the spiritual warrior on our quest for the truth which is never to be found in the closed realm of logic

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