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2024 - glow to flow

To me, life is such a fascinating object. Have you ever really stopped to consider your personal relationship with life – your life in particular, but also life in general? New year is a time for reflection and determination. The old and the new. Unlimited opportunity.

There was once a television show called, ‘This is your Life’, where the host would bring on relatives and friends of some famous person and finally bring on the guest and present them with the red book entitled: This is your Life. You don’t have to be rich and famous. Create your own show, your own red book. We all have our own life, and it is essential to relate to it. I call this IT! ‘IT!’ is your life – the most precious gift you have.

Learn to live your life, well. Learn to be you, successfully. Learn to give full and vigorous expression to who you are and more importantly who you are becoming. At this time of new year, we all look forward eagerly to the year ahead with a keen anticipation and wonder of what will the new year look like, what will it bring.

And more often than not, this introspection centres around the externals, the financials, the economics, the outer successes, the hopes and dreams we have for the future. And this is good, but it rests upon the inner foundation of who we are. To change your outer life, you must first change inwardly and become the new you.

The first step to embracing the year ahead is to determine what you want to give up. What you want to release to the old year just gone. What no longer serves you. What space you want to make so that the new you can grow into that space. Nature abhors a vacuum. Create the space first and your dreams and aspiration will fill that gap.

What do you need to discard to the old so that you can grow? What is holding you back? What belongs in the old year just gone? What do you not want to take with you into the future? Be specific and be surgical. Cut out the tumors of the past. What neurotic ‘acting outs’ limit your behaviour? What pay-offs keep you small?

One must always prune before the spring of new growth or the weeds will overtake your dreams.

Then decide what you want to achieve. What are your hopes and dreams? Who do you want to become? What is your destiny? Who is that new you appearing on the horizon of 2024? Who is that future self that you are just becoming?

What is the essence of that being? What makes your heart sing? What gives you that inner glow that then becomes your flow? Remember, decisions determine destiny! Your joy is your guide. Your glow lights your path.

Take command of your life. Command the universe to deliver to you what you want, what you desire.

You can be all that you desire; you can do all that you aspire; you can have all that you choose.

The goal of life is to recreate yourself in every moment of existence, to build the best new version of yourself that you can become. Every moment is a new opportunity. Life is forever renewing itself.

Make 2024 the best moment yet!

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