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where do you live

It seems that every day the digital world is demanding more and more data from us. Passwords, facial recognition, personal details etc. before we can log in, set up accounts or merely open our own private accounts.

During the Cambridge Analytica | Facebook scandal of the 2016 US Presidential elections, it was revealed that Cambridge was collecting up to 35,000 data points about individual American voters to create personal targeted advertising campaigns to influence the election.

35,000! Most people would have difficulty writing down 3,500 or even 350 facts about themselves let alone 35,000. Big Brother now knows more about us than we do. Yet, we all do know and can recite our residential address. We all know where we live geographically on the planet. We all know home.

But do we know our inner psychic home – where we live within our mind. That IP (inner personal) address is not made up of streets, suburbs, cities and countries but rather thoughts, feelings, attitudes, moods and mindsets. It is our prevailing world view or psychological paradigm. It is quite literally where we live. Where we spend most of our time. It is our mental home.

Yet, most of us are blissfully unaware of its existence and more importantly its affect upon our lives. Wherever we go, whatever we encounter it is where we return to in our minds as our psychic default position and attitude. It is what defines us as individuals and no amount of external data points will reveal that inner truth.

You need to observe it for yourself by becoming acutely aware of how you view the world. What are your individual filters? What is your psychic lens? What is your prevailing mood? And what is your cognitive bias?

For this set of data points determine your life and create your reality. It is never what happens out there that is important but how you perceive, assimilate and respond that is. Belief precedes reality. What we expect and anticipate influences what happens. Quantum physics has proven this conclusively.

Become aware of your private personal world view. Are you cynical, jaded, angry, jealous, fearful, timid, shy, awkward, self-deprecating, critical or are you happy, joyous, creative, jubilant, grateful, curious and adventurous? Are you defensive and judgemental or embracing and appreciative?

Become the observer and you will catch glimpses of your prevailing mood. Watch where you live, where you immediately return to in all interactions and situations. Know your default position. For it is only by recognising and acknowledging this data point that you can change it. And it is only by changing this mental mindset that you can change your life and your world.

Your inner mental mindset out-pictures in your daily life just as the film in the projector out-pictures on the cinema screen or monitor. We all aspire to change where we live geographically to better more comfortable homes, to a better address. So too, aspire to change your inner psychic location as a means to improve your live.

Every device has a unique IP address whereby it can be identified in the digital world. Every one of us has our own unique IP (inner personal) address whereby our destiny is determined and our fate sealed. Ensure your prevailing mood is positive and jubilant. Live in the joyous expectancy of the best and it might just happen!

Be positive and happy.

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