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tripartite being

What is a tripartite being I hear you ask – you are!

The holy trinity is one of the oldest and yet, most misunderstood, concepts in human history and philosophy. Most of us know about God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost but this is only relevant if you are a Christian. And as God is not a personal being in any sense of the word, it is a highly dubious concept and description at best.

Yet, the overall concept of the three parts to being is totally relevant to us all, especially in this modern age where most of us tend to give far too much attention and emphasis to one of those parts at the expense of the rest.

Body, mind and spirit. Superconscious, conscious and unconscious. Id, ego and superego. Mind, heart and soul. Heaven, Earth and humanity. Thought, word and deed. There are many such tripartite descriptions of life in every culture and cosmology. Trigrams and hexagrams abound. Triangles and stars.

But the most overlooked and the one I want to focus on is: be, do have, because understanding this one is the key to inner peace and outer success. You are not a human doing; you are a human being.

Being must come first and foremost if you want both your inner personal and outer worldly lives to be in harmony and successful regardless of your philosophy, religion or belief system. Unfortunately, most modern humans (particularly those in the western world i.e. us) place far too much focus on having and very little on being, and doing has completely overtaken our lives.

Whether it is conscious and directed, constructive doing as in the proverbial To Do List, or just mindless misdirected distraction, the fact is that we do spend most of our waking hours doing even if that is just mindlessly watching television or scrolling on social media.

We spend very little time Being. Just Being. Being yourself. And most importantly, being happy with that beingness. As soon as all the distractions and hyperactivity abate, we immediately become bored, judgemental and critical of ourselves. (Why am I alone – there must be something wrong with me.)

That inner demon – the not-good-enough-syndrome – quickly disturbs the peace and we are on our restless way once again. Agitated and angry. How long can you honestly sit and be with yourself? Or a loved one? Or a delightful sunset or sunrise? How long can you just sit and observe nature? How long can you simply marvel at the magnificence of life and really take it in?

Being is incredibly important for it is the foundation of who you are. Moreover, you can only create or manifest successfully from that plane of being. If you draw a line down the middle of doing, then action comes either from wanting to ‘have’ which is an external energy pulling on your psyche or it arises spontaneously from your beingness.

Because we have come to measure our success and who we are by what we ‘own’ or ‘have’, this former type of action has usurped our lives and gourds us on restlessly. There is always an underlying sense of discontent or not-enough that drives us on to do more, achieve more, have more… Neverendingly! But more is never enough.

On the other hand, if we come from the purity of our being, we do simply because we are naturally expressing our innate creativity as a ‘human being’ not because we want anything external whether that is worldly goods or praise and recognition.

Moreover, if you truly ‘want’ something, you need to be that first. For example, if you want more wealth in your life you need to become wealthy in your mindset, in your beingness. If you want more love in your life, you need to become more loving as a person first and so on. Whatever you want you must be that quality first, otherwise it just does not last.

Above all, the most important is to Be Yourself! Practise being You. Not the version you have learnt, or inherited or been taught or indoctrinated but the real, inner, authentic You with a capital Y.

Do you know this person? Do you spend time with this person? Do you ‘hang out’ with this person? Befriend yourself. Get to know yourself. Only then can you work on becoming the best version of yourself and grow as a human being. Otherwise, you can become a better human doing and achieve more but eventually it will be a hollow victory.


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