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The Purpose of Life

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The purpose of life is to spontaneously express god.

To begin this conversation, we must get clear about the word god. I deliberately use the word in lower-case as there is so much confusion, misunderstanding and baggage attached to the word God for all of us. We all have our own preconceptions, biases, prejudices and upbringing that preclude us from having an open and enquiring mind. The past closes us to the present. We simply cannot perceive the truth of what is and god is all that is.

All religions posit god as some mythical being in a place called heaven disassociated from and external to earth, to our reality. God supposedly created the world but stands outside the world. Moreover, the world and humanity are somehow beholden and subservient to this being.

The mistake we make is that we have taken god out of creation. We are searching for god in some external place. We separate the world in which we live from the divine. We view the purpose of life here on earth as to attain some place or reward in heaven in an afterlife.

Most religions, both East and West, teach that life on earth is some form of tribulation, suffering, penance or preparation for the hereafter. Life is viewed as a means to some spiritual end. The physical is distinctly separated from the spiritual and both are in a perpetual war with each other over our souls. The only way to salvation is to deny the flesh, mortify the body and use one’s present life as a vehicle to paradise.

Nowhere is this seen more plainly than in the Fundamentalist of any particular religious or political persuasion, who believes that by murdering innocent people they will be reserved a special place in heaven. This is the extreme version and stupidity of the human predicament. Most wars are fought over religious beliefs.

One of my favourite sayings is:

There is no such thing as god, but there is nothing that is not god.

God is not something external to creation but is creation. When I say there is no such thing as god, I mean god cannot be found or localised as a distinct and separated entity within its own being. God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. God is all that is and there is nothing that is not god.

God lives within creation. The creator and the created are but two sides of the one dialectic coin. There is no aspect or particle of creation that is not divine. Universal consciousness inhabits and abides in every nanoparticle, in every molecule and cell, in every being, in every moment.

God is not a noun but a verb. God is eternal being expressing itself through every moment of creation. God, life, evolution, eternity, creation, the creator are all but different words for the same thing – which is the universal principle of being. The I Am!

Life is god expressing itself through creation. Creation is god having fun – enjoying its own expression; seeking ever more glorious and complex expressions of life. God is not so much an abstract and rigid person (like an old and vengeful man with a beard in heaven) but rather a fluid and flowing eternal being, the unified field. It is not that man was made in the image of god, but that we have made god in the image of man.

You are divine. You are god. You are a spark of divine consciousness. Your only purpose is to find that divinity within your being and express it joyously and creatively in every moment in every aspect of your life. All life is sacred. All forms of life are equally sacred and when we come from that innermost divine aspect of ourselves, we can do no harm.

We become love. We are love. Not in some adolescent, romantic or selfish way but purely as a state of being devoid from the need of a particular subject. We are in love with life; in love with our life. We do not need to try to be good. We do not need any rules, commandments or precepts to tell us how to act for whatever we do will come from that innocent and pure space within us that is divine.

Once we touch that space, we intuitively and spontaneously know what is right for us without ulterior reflection, free of doubt and hesitation. We do not act in order to get but in order to give; to join in the celestial choir that is life; to play our part, to add our voice.

You are an intrinsic part of creation. Your story, your journey is unique. Your voice is your unique contribution to the whole and no one else can tell you what that is. Once you discover that divine spark within yourself you find your voice, you find your path, you find your purpose.

You enter the divine dance of life eternal. You become the I Am!


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