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The dialogue of the future

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Certainly, one of the defining characteristics of human evolution is the gift of language. Although, we do now know that many species, both fauna and flora, do communicate with each other and that interspecies communication also exists, no other species has developed communication by language to the extent of humanity.

Language, the written word, printing and now the explosion of digital communication on the world wide web have all dramatically accelerated human development. And with the advent of AI that acceleration has become exponential.

There was a time, say 500 years ago, when an individual could possibly read and know all that was written. However today, with the explosion of knowledge, it is only artificial intelligence that can keep up with the breakneck speed of human development and knowledge.

However, in this haste for growth, there is another often overlooked aspect to true human communication. It is not just about content. It is not just about quantity. It is also about quality – that ability to communicate intelligently, respectfully and humbly.

Civilisation not only depends upon the growth of knowledge but also upon our ability to deal with each other civilly! The fundamentally cornerstone or foundation of an advanced democratic society is our ability to dialogue, to disagree, to debate in an orderly and structured manner where we listen to and respect an opinion that is contrary to our own.

Immediately before a civilisation or an empire collapses this ability to dialogue is replaced by partisan polarity where each side condemns the other and refuses to negotiate. Differences of opinion are essential to emotional maturity and personal growth. One needs to be able to listen in silence. One needs to be able to take in and digest another’s viewpoint without antagonism, vilification, or condemnation and anger.

One needs to accept that there are many sides to every story. No one holds the whole picture. We all have a valid viewpoint. Freedom of speech is an inherent and inalienable human right. Thesis and antithesis lead to synthesis. As Einstein said: one cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. We need to mature to a higher level. That growth necessitate dialogue.

The ability to communicate depends upon three things: clarity of thought, articulate speech and respectful listening. We need to know our own perspective by thinking deeply and clearly. We need to be able to articulate our perspective rationally and objectively. We need to be able to listen respectfully and receptively.

We need to remain open. Once we believe we have all the answers or ‘know the truth’ we become closed and arrogant. Pride comes before a fall.

These blogs are designed to be provocative, engendering dialogue and debate. I will be raising alternative perspectives that challenge the status quo and prevailing paradigm. I will be stretching the boundaries of the known seeking that which lies beyond the horizon of our common reality.

They are not to be read as ‘the truth’ but rather alternative realities like science fiction to feed the imagination and make us think.

Welcome to the dialogue of the future.


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