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the debt trap

Natural cycles are a necessary part of life. We live in a cosmic ocean of waves and the real structure and nature of the universe is wave-like and not solid indivisible particles. Moreover, the cyclic nature of waves depends upon complementary opposites and this opposition becomes the fuel for the journey.

Economic systems are no different and require seasons and cycles to operate effectively and efficiently over the long run. To choose one mode, economic growth, and artificially repress the other, economic recession, is the madness of the negative ego trying vaingloriously to stave off the inevitable.

It is exactly the same as wanting to have only summer and no winter; only happiness and no sadness; only comfort and no discomfort. Nature needs the seasons, and everything has its season. Life and death are both a part of the cycle of life. To deny or inhibit one pole is to show the extreme ignorance and conceit of the collective negative ego. Somehow, this madness and folly has become entrenched in the central banks of the western world who are madly pulling artificial levers to keep the global economy turning.

But precisely because this manipulation is the artificial device of the collective global altered negative ego, it only results in the growth of derivatives and not real economic growth. The western economic system is in its death throes and is being kept alive on the steroids of debt. It needs to be allowed to go through its natural cycle of boom and bust so that it too can grow into its next matrix.

This one is well and truly over and that is why wages growth, productivity and real asset growth has plateaued. All we are doing is inflating the hydrogen balloons of false hope and speculative asset prices which are not the real thing and will not deliver real and sustainable wealth and well-being to the masses, especially our children and grandchildren.

Autumn and winter are a necessary and vital part of nature and as any good gardener will know, it is not only the time for pruning but also planting. One prepares and plants in autumn for the following spring; one prunes and cultivates in winter for the following summer. Both parts of the cycle are important and essential for long term growth and health.

But we have become obsessed with having our cake and eating it too.

We do not want to experience the cycles of life, only enjoying the cusp without the trough. This is incredibly short sighted and ignorant. It simply is not sustainable like everything else in our modern world. When we take the long-term perspective of life, dealing in hundreds of years and future generations, what will be our legacy; how will be judged? What will be our zeitgeist? Will the only words to describe us be greed and stupidity? Will we create anything of lasting value? Will we truly be creative?

The zeitgeist of this economic epoch will be the complete destruction of real value by inflated and speculative asset bubbles that will eventually implode causing untold financial hardship and emotional suffering.

Because we have not voluntarily left the matrix on time, it has become toxic and deadly and the poison in the matrix is debt. There is a real economic value to everything and as demand increases for any asset class its value should go up. But if that increase only reflects a speculative bubble inflated by cheap debt and excessive money printing by the reserve banks and governments of the world, it becomes a long-term recipe for disaster and we will be the collateral damage. The more debt laden you are, the more you are vulnerable to the poison of the matrix. You can’t get out before the implosion happens.

The end result of this economic madness is twofold. The citizens of the affluent economies become overladen with consumptive debt, purchasing needless products to appease their negative ego’s lust for more, gradually limiting their future disposable income as they service an ever-increasing debt burden especially as the inflationary pressures of increased interest rates takes hold. But what is far worse and insidious, is their inability to purchase their own home or worse still, the excessive debt burden they take on competing in a false bubble of highly inflated asset prices fuelled by the excessive profits made overseas by the low wages paid in that emerging economy.

It is absolutely essential to get this distinction between positive and healthy borrowing that does not become a burden and a theft from your future or your descendants’ future but supports and facilitates your personal growth, development and creativity and false debt that becomes a noose around your neck limiting personal freedom and eventually causing emotional distress.

‘Do not talk to me about spiritual growth or personal creativity, I am too busy working to pay the mortgage.’ This is the zeitgeist of this epoch. This will go down in human history as the era of debt shackling humanity into deliberate economic servitude.

One starts off innocent enough wanting to get ahead, wanting a good career, wanting to start a family and wanting to generate personal wealth. The great American/Australian/western dream. And this is all well and good and a natural function of positive enthusiasm, creativity and growth. But very soon the temptations of easy money, debt financing and having it all at once, usurp this nobility and we are caught spending more than we can afford and living off borrowed time and money.

You are not free and cannot be creative if you are beholden to a mountain of debt that you either cannot afford to service or locks you into a treadmill of soul-destroying work to finance that debt. And this is the exact position the majority of the advanced nations find themselves in both in terms of public and private debt.

This is not life. This is not the key to health, wealth and happiness. This is not a supportive matrix within which we thrive as creative individuals. This is a carefully crafted plot to keep you in servitude, locked onto the economic treadmill safely within the current matrix. You simply cannot make that quantum leap as there are far too many financial obligations chaining you to your everyday routine.

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