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the angelic human

It is both fascinating and sad that in our society we have come to extol the baser aspects of human nature and allowed corruption to seep into every corner of our existence. It is said that a fish rots from the head and if we look at the head of our society, culture and civilisation, the head is well and truly rotten.

To be a true leader means to exemplify that which is most noble about being human: to be a source of inspiration and guidance for others. Someone the people can truly look up to, admire and follow. To lead is to serve.

Leadership is an honour and a privilege and rests upon the principle of service; to put others before self and do what is right. Our political class is corrupt, self-serving and weak. People no longer go into public office to do good for others but to enrich and empower themselves. To rule now is to be selfish.

Leaders need to be strong in spirit and character; to have a noble vision for the future that inspires others to willingly follow in order to create a better world for our children.

Similarly, business should be based in the principle of service; providing goods and services that do good for people and society and not merely generate profit and pollute the environment. Big business is the greatest cause and source of environmental degradation and human misery. The growing inequality of wealth and power in the world are symptoms of this corruption.

The growing obsession with celebrity status and the luxe lives of the rich and famous is just another symptom of this disease of the human psyche. We no longer look to the heroic but to the banal as sources of inspiration and leadership. Entertainment and drama are no longer about heroic deeds but violence and crime.

One can tell if a civilisation is in a period of growth or decline by examining what it emulates. The current triad of big business, big government and criminal cartels that rules the world tells us our empire is in its terminal death throes.

It has not always been this way. History tells us that human nature can be victorious and triumphant. The giants of history are not the corrupt, self-serving oligarchs but the noble, the pure and the strong. The people who have steadfastly followed a superior vision, possessed qualities of strength and determination that enabled them to create a better future for all. And these giants can be found in all walks of life and in all societies.

We have come to believe in the weakness of human nature. This woke society makes a mockery of that which is good and seeks to supplant it with that which is weak and corrupt under the guise of altruism, but all that it is really doing is weakening the fabric of society until it tears unrepairably.

Government interference and intrusion in our lives is at an all-time peak and growing exponentially by the day. Individual personal freedom, responsibility and endeavour are fast disappearing under the onslaught of bureaucratic bungling.

That which is demonic has replaced that which is angelic: the best of human nature - the virtues, the principles, the nobility, the strength and the passion. We all love watching great athletes of whatever sport because these winners display the hero in action overcoming their own weakness to triumph.

To be a force for good. To be noble and pure of heart. To be innocent and without guile. To work tirelessly for the common good. To espouse a vision for a better world. To do random acts of kindness. To do on a daily basis that which helps, assists and encourages others. To just be happy, positive and uplifting. To offer hope. To be a beacon of light in an otherwise dark and murky world. To be an angelic human not in a romantic or religious sense but in the truest sense of the word – to be a noble spirit.

To know that life is a spiritual journey and one is forever growing by facing one’s challenges and overcoming one’s weaknesses to become a better, stronger, more noble human being. To become more of who you are at your core. To aspire and inspire. To be an angelic human.

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