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nobility of being

Nobility! Such an interesting and enticing word. One has only to observe with awe and wonder at the fixation modern mass media and hence the populous have with the British Crown, and to a lesser extent with other monarchys, to realise we have not really moved on from a monarchy to a democracy or a republic in our collective consciousness.

As a society, we are still truly monarchists obsessed with the lives of the rich and famous. It is just that the modern elite are not necessarily the old aristocracy, but rather the celebrities of the screen, sports and social media.

Moreover, if anyone doubts who is really pulling the strings, who really runs the show and who the Deep State is, one has only to examine the outcomes and consequences of their policies. Who has really benefitted from the money printing, the cancel culture, the woke world?

Over half of the world's net wealth belongs to the top 1%. The top 10% hold 85%, while the bottom 90% hold the remaining 15% of the world's total wealth. The top 30% of adults hold 97% of total global wealth. Of the trillions of currency debt that has come from the recent pandemic of money printing almost 100% has gone to that top 1% through asset appreciation and consolidated their hold on power and wealth.

Economics 101 says: print money – get inflation. Inflation is an inverse tax on the lower strata of society eventually collapsing the entire economic system under the weight of too much debt.

Moreover, the consolidation of power in Brussels and the United Nations speaks volumes of who really is in power. One also has only to look at the ‘only’ two geriatric contenders for the White House, out of a population of 333 million+, to realise something is fundamentally wrong with our supposed democratic system. Do we truly get a choice or only between who ‘they’ present? Is the two-party system really a democracy?

Unfortunately, leadership has lost its nobility – that genuine desire to serve and the founding concept of democracy of ‘by the people for the people’ never really happened. The ruling political class of politicians and the bureaucratic elite seem only interested in their own self-serving power and glory. Corruption is more rampant in the modern democratic western world than any totalitarian autocratic regime. It is just more carefully hidden.

What does it truly mean to be noble? The noble is that which is both desirable for its own sake and also worthy of praise; or that which is both good and right. We speak of noble virtues. There is the Buddhist 8-fold noble path and the nine noble virtues of Asatru wisdom: courage, truth, honour, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, industriousness, self-reliance, and perseverance.

To be noble generally means to be concerned with the well-being of others as opposed to that of the self. One could argue that being noble is the opposite of being selfish. Nobility is a state of being where one puts others before self. To rule is to serve. To treat others as one would want to be treated. To be kind and gracious. To have valour and dignity. To uphold what is right and fight for the common good.

In many traditional societies, to be a part of an aristocracy meant one abided by an unseen and undefined code of conduct and set of rules that was above and beyond that of the common person. For example, a knight of the Round Table and so on.

We have now bred a ruling class that is intent on reinstating the old aristocratic order but without the overarching implication and obligation of nobility. They are now freed from any strictures of virtue and goodness and intent only on the oppression and suppression of the masses.

Welcome to the ignoble era!

Interestingly ignoble means: dishonourable; base; despicable; of low birth or origins; of low quality; inferior. I wonder how many of the ruling elite truly see themselves thus. The emperor’s new clothes always look more noble in the mirror than the truth of reality. 

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