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'the one'

On the surface it is messy. It is like being in a stormy sea full of white caps and clashing waves. We get distracted, anxious and worried. We see the multiplicity of being and confusion reigns. This is the plane of duality and plurality.

The physical universe needs the mechanics of dialectics to make it function: the opposites of yin and yang forever weaving their cycles of life and evolution. But always remember, this polarity is necessary if the ‘battery’ of life is to keep pulsing.

All of life has some form of pulse whether it be your heart, the tides, the rhythm of day and night, the seasons or the precession of the stars. Without this cyclic wave, entropy would very quickly reduce life to an homogenous nothing. (Please see the work TaoTuning for an in-depth analysis of this dialectic continuum.) The Tao manifests as a wave in the phenomenal world and that wave depends upon the poles of positive and negative for its momentum.

We all know what happens when our biological battery or that of our car, smart phone, computer or anything goes flat – no pulse, no life. We need a recharge and sometimes even a reboot!

But when we dive deep beneath the water, no matter how turbulent it is on the surface, all is quiet and peaceful. So too, when you go deep within your psyche into the very core of your being, you leave behind the confusion and turmoil of daily existence and enter the silence and stillness of your soul. It is there that you discover your inner light. It is this light that guides you to know the truth and thus to find your own path. I am the way, the truth and the light – for me! You are the way, the truth and the light for you. No one else can shine a light on your path; you must find it for yourself.

Moreover, once we enter this depth of being we also see the Divine, the One. At first, it is only a glimpse and a glimmer, but it is the beginning of your spiritual journey home, for you are able to put aside the confusion and mayhem of the multiplicity of life. You are able to discern the connecting threads of your life and start to reflect on the meaning and purpose of your life. You perceive the magnificent tapestry of your picture and appreciate its sacred journey.

To see this Oneness is to know oneself in relation to the cosmic forces, to know one’s own place in the Infinity of Being, to realise the value of your own individuality and authentic self. This is your uniqueness. That uniqueness gives you strength and solidarity; it gives you peace. It is the beginning of true character for all strength of character is based on having solid principles and firm values. You become a valued being.

From this space you have your own moral compass, your own rudder to make decisions from. You leave the multitude of the crowd to stand on your own two feet, solid in your own purpose. This is the birth of personal sovereignty where you become totally responsible for your life and its impact upon the world.

From this space you are in relationship with the world and every living being within it. From this space all life is sacred, and it becomes impossible to kill, or harm, or knowingly injure, although we all do inadvertently cause injury to others at different times. For one no longer perceives the many but the One. All life is One.

This Oneness is the ascending force of life in nature, in humanity and in All That Is. We are deeply connected to the divine, at-one-with this ascension which is evolution.

You no longer perceive yourself as separate, as divided or fragmented. You no longer have an ‘us and them’ mentality where there is always an enemy, an ‘other’, a threat. Because there is no threat, there is no need for a defensive posture; no need for competition or confrontation. One becomes the defenceless warrior not fighting others but fighting for what is right, honourable and noble.

We become an integral part of that ascending force and commit our lives to the forward thrust of evolution doing all we can to join in that celestial choir of creation and celebration of life.

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