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the new opiate of the masses

Why is liberty so important? More importantly, why is it so taken for granted? Humanity struggled for centuries, particularly over the last 500 years, to attain personal freedom. All the great revolutions – the French, the American, the Russian and so on were chapters in this epic struggle and journey. Although there were political, economic and social overtones, at their core, they were essentially the individual standing up for their personal dignity, liberty and freedom. Shaking off the control of the elite.

Liberty. Equality. Fraternity. Viva la revolution!

Maximilien Robespierre popularised the phrase in 1790, a mere 230 years ago. And much has changed in the western ‘free’ world since. Those of us fortunate enough to live in a modern, western, democratic society really do enjoy the liberty and personal freedom which is very rare in the annals of human history and on the planet today.

And if the tides of change are accurate this freedom will be even rarer in the future. Liberty may become a 250-year wonder for there are many forces currently working behind the scenes to limit this freedom and curtail our newfound liberty. Even democracy itself may become old-fashioned as a sociopolitical system by as soon as 2030.

Yet, personal freedom is the fundamental truth of being human. Free will choice is what being human is all about. It is the grand and glorious cosmic experiment to see if mere mortals, flesh and blood, can carry the weighty responsibility and opportunity of being creative.

For there is no freedom without responsibility. And there is no freedom without creativity. Liberty, freedom, responsibility and creativity are all facets of the one crystal and that crystal is human. It is why we are here. It is our sole | soul purpose.  To be who we are. To become more of ourselves. To express that inner divine spark that is the root cause of all ingenuity, innovation, technology, science, art and love.

It is that awe and wonder, that innocence and curiosity that a small child and a wise elder embody. We seem to lose it in the in between years of our lives when the burden of daily living robs us of our joy. But is not true joy the essence of that creativity?

Being in the flow. Enjoying the moment of our being, free from worrisome effort and free to enjoy life. Our life!

Your life is what you make it. There are no victims or martyrs. There are no accidents or coincidences. We do create it all just as it is. What is = is. This is the equation of life. If maths is truly the language of the cosmos, then this one little equation says it all.

Yet too many of us shy away from this simplicity and the brutality of this honesty. We would rather take shelter in banal excuses and lame justifications. We would rather blame someone else for our woes whether that be a god, the devil, the government, a significant other or life itself. Anyone but us.

Anything to lift this burden of responsibility. Just tell me what to do. Just let me follow.

The recent history of humanity has been ever increasing circles of personal freedom. I call this Personal Sovereignty. But all things come in waves and the tide has turned. The circles are now diminishing restricting our freedom. The recent experiment with the global lock-down associated with Covid-19, demonstrated just how far the bold elite have come and how ready the masses are to meekly obey.

But what is life with no freedom or liberty? A human being with no freedom at all is nothing more than a slave, a robot, a clone. A cog in a wheel!

You can retreat to the hills with your water, food and guns but life without liberty is not sacred. We are here to be, to express, to enjoy. Life is sacred when it is glorified in its experience and expression. This is how we learn. This is how we achieve. This is how we grow and become more of who we are.

This is how we conquer our inner fear. By seizing the day and boldly expressing our truth, the truth of who we are as an individual expression of divine creativity. We do not learn or grow by sitting in the corner lamenting our woes.

If you want to learn to dance, you need to get out on the dance floor and boggy, baby. Fearlessly!

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