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the ceiling of limitation

The physical world is all about boundaries. Boundaries determine our reality. And our ability to negotiate boundaries determines our success or failure in life. Some people spend their whole life fighting and resisting the boundaries that are necessary to give life meaning. Others gratefully and willingly accept the boundaries presented to them but do not let them diminish their inner sense of self or personal power.

We all have our story. We all have a definition of ourselves that is the outcome of that story but also dictates our future story. This story and our definition of ourselves are in a symbiotic relationship reinforcing and validating each other, sometimes to our detriment. For they determine what is possible and probable in our future.

The universe is filled with infinite possibility. All things are possible. But on the plane of human existence, an individual must consciously choose from that unlimited menu to determine what is probable. We make the possible probable by bringing it into our sphere, by believing we can do it or have it.

It is interesting that some people can reach for the stars and grasp them in their hands turning the seemingly impossible into their daily reality, while others are circumscribed by their own limited definition of themselves. Their definition of what is possible for them is extremely narrow and closed. “I simply could not do that.”

We all have a ceiling of limitation that restricts our personal growth.

Even though the material plane of physicality is constrained by physical boundaries, the inner psychic world is not. All things are possible, and we do need to extend and reach out beyond our current boundaries. That is the definition of personal growth. We do need to become more of who we are by negotiating those inner boundaries and going beyond what is currently possible.

Think of your own life. As a young child many things are simply not possible: driving a car, living on your own, going around the world, buying a house or starting a business and so on. As a young adult, more is possible, but some things are still out of reach. As we grow and mature, what was once considered impossible, becomes possible, then probable and then real. We make it happen by work and effort.

The only impediment is the glass ceiling: the ceiling of limitation.

We sell ourselves short. We believe we cannot – have, do, be. We become stuck in our story of victimhood of the past. We allow our past to determine our future. What has been will continue to be. But why? Is this necessarily so?

We need to learn to expand our cube. Our cube is the current definition of our reality. We live within that cube and indeed it does become comfortable and thus reinforcing. To expand the cube, to push the boundaries out in all directions is terrifying for we do not know what we will encounter ‘out there’ beyond our known.

Again, some people do this valiantly while others hover inside the safety net. What makes the difference? Is it personal courage, curiosity and wonder or just sheer guts? Are some of us more timid, more shy, more introspected while others have a gung-ho, cavalier attitude to life that spurs them on into unchartered waters.

Whatever the case, you need to know your cube. You need to negotiate your glass ceiling if you want to live the life of your dreams. For your dreams and aspirations, your goals and your desires abide outside your cube. This is what makes them dreams. They exist just beyond your grasp – in the stars. On the plane of potentiality – of what is potential but not yet actual. You need to bring them down from the possible, to the probable, to the real and the known.

Expand your cube and smash through your glass ceiling. Know your limitations are of your own making. Become a limitless being. You are the sole author, script writer and director-producer of your story. You can rewrite it to infinite potential and possibility. You can reach for the stars.

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