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the probable dream

I wrote in Personal Sovereignty that human beings are not very good at making decisions and not good at making the ‘right’ decision. Yet decisions determine destiny. If you want your life to be successful (however you want to define success for you) then you need to get good at making decisions.

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to be able to make decisions effortlessly, easily and calmly, and yet others agonise, deliberate and procrastinate? The former are courageous and venture into their future boldly, while the latter are filled with self-doubt and misgivings meekly seeking guidance from others to tell them what they should do.

As we enter this new year, it is essential to decide for yourself exactly what you want your life to look like, else the universe cannot really send you what you want. If you don’t know, no one else will either! New Year’s resolutions are not so much about setting material goals as determining for yourself who you want to become and be.

Be. Do. Have. In that order! Be, in order to do and thus have the experience of life that you desire. It is that simple. I have a little ditty – ‘I am the…that I am.’ You get to fill in the blank: strength, love, wisdom, generosity, compassion, wealth, abundance etc. Whatever you want more of in your life, you first need to be that quality more. Command more in 24, meaning command more of yourself first.

So, clarity is essential for clarity brings focus and determination. Self-doubt breeds indecision and confusion. We end up going nowhere precisely because our intention and thus our energy are all over the place. Your camera is out of focus and thus all pictures are blurry.

Do the work of reflection, introspection and deliberation. What exactly do you want more of in your life this year? If it is happiness, then put happiness in the equation: I am the happiness that I am. If it is success, then put success in the equation. If it is wealth and prosperity, put these in and so on. For this affirmation reminds us that we can only experience that which we already are.

Look at the happiness, success, abundance etc. that you currently are! This will tell you what to expect in your life. If I am not truly happy now, I need to decide and determine to be more happy and so on. It is merely a switch, a change of mindset. CHI – choosing happiness intentionally.

This is being the captain of your ship; the commander of your universe; the architect of your life. This is personal sovereignty. To live your life your way; not according to the social narrative.

The trick is to realise that is all about decisions: decisions determine destiny. To consciously take dominion of your life by living with conscious awareness and the ability to focus on what you desire. Watching the Australian Open in early January is such an inspiring way to commence the year, for if you watch closely, you can see this mental process occurring in the really great players. Often, especially if losing, you can see this mental switch being turned ‘on’ and hey presto their whole game changes to another level. Novak often points to his right temple while doing this.

You too can do this in your daily life. Learn to trip that switch like a circuit breaker. Reset the happiness, success, abundance, love, whatever, switch to on. Take your personal game to another level and watch how the external results marry the inner mindset.

However, if you do not do the inner work of decision making, now, watch your year disintegrate into the washing machine of indecision and irresolute drifting. Focus, determination and clarity are all you need to create the life of your dreams. Just steer clear of the drifters, influencers and manipulators on social media shepherding you down the path of conformity and boredom. Nothing good will come from this path of weakness and susceptibility.

The accepted narrative will surely suck you under its current of global meltdown.

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